AutoBlog Tells us the Smart will go start/stop on us!


The already fuel efficient Smart fortwo will soon become even more stingy with the petrol when start-stop technology is employed fleet-wide beginning in October. The start-stop technology, which is called "micro hybrid" by Smart, works by cutting off the engine during braking when the vehicle speed drops below five mph. According to Smart, the engine restarts immediately when the brake is released and the technology will result in a fuel savings of 8 percent, bringing consumption in the US EPA cycle to about 44 mpg on the highway and 36 mpg in the city. CO2 emissions will also be reduced by 9g/km, now netting 103g/km. The technology will also be available on the CDI Smart when it hits production next year, but as of right now, the diesel fortwo isn't coming Stateside.

[Source: AutoBlog]


Jeff said...

Thanks for posting this...I couldn't find much info on Autoblog, so I kept searching and found the full press release and thought I would post it in case anyone else is looking for it too.

Not sure if that will post, so it is on on July 11th

Have a good weekend

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Hindustani said...
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Hindustani said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the Aptera will be even better....

Anonymous said...

The Smart car is a really cool car to have! I want one!

kurtdaniel said...
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kurtdaniel said...

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Yeyo said...

The Smart car is a real cool car. I own and drive one!

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crossomotive said...

Yeah. Ive been reading their articles since I read about my fave hybrid. They're cool.

Gel said...

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well.. i am a interested buyer for smart fortwo... however, i have felt a big wave of negative talk about the smart car. I saw the article on yahoo that rated the smart car the worst car in U.S. Also, a lot of negative reviews.

To the people that actually have one, can you let me know how you feel about your car!



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