AutoBlog Tells us the Smart will go start/stop on us!


The already fuel efficient Smart fortwo will soon become even more stingy with the petrol when start-stop technology is employed fleet-wide beginning in October. The start-stop technology, which is called "micro hybrid" by Smart, works by cutting off the engine during braking when the vehicle speed drops below five mph. According to Smart, the engine restarts immediately when the brake is released and the technology will result in a fuel savings of 8 percent, bringing consumption in the US EPA cycle to about 44 mpg on the highway and 36 mpg in the city. CO2 emissions will also be reduced by 9g/km, now netting 103g/km. The technology will also be available on the CDI Smart when it hits production next year, but as of right now, the diesel fortwo isn't coming Stateside.

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Ron Tonkin Whines about the Smart Car

Having been passed over for a Portland/NW Smart dealership in favor of Kuni, Ron Tonkin whines about the Smart in this mornings Boregonian.

>>>>Monday, July 07, 2008

The Oregonian

Regarding your Business story concerning Oswego Luxury and its problems ("Complaints send cops to arrest auto dealer," July 3), I want to point out that we were offered Smart Cars from G&K Automotive Conversion well before anyone else. However, the price they would have had to be sold for was between $23,000 and $28,000. I felt I could never have faced a client who paid that kind of money for a vehicle that was going to be able to be sold by a franchised dealer in just a few months for $14,000 to $19,000. So I refused that opportunity.

I certainly made the right choice and I am glad I did.

Our dealerships offer clients a choice of a Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris or Nissan Versa at the price of a Smart Car. Those cars have accommodations for four people, have a usable trunk and take regular gas while delivering similar mileage and a lot more comfort.

The Smart Car has room for only two, requires premium fuel and has a trunk that holds little more than a valise. I bought a Smart Car myself just to see if it was all I thought it promised. It is not and I'm selling it. I am pleased we did not obtain the franchise.

As an aside, the city of Portland bought more than one Smart Car at an exorbitant price. I was extremely critical of the city doing so at the time and said so in an interview with The Oregonian. The city made a poor choice with taxpayer money.

RON TONKIN Northeast Portland <<<<

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