Smart Car on Red Bull

Smart Fortwo on Red Bull spotted in Downtown Boston.

Inside the Smart House in Venice, CA

smart house

Who would have guessed? The Smart Fortwo is only a few months from arriving here in the states, the media is buzzing about this car, and the wait list over at smart usa is growing by the day, so what does smart gmbh do to us? They go ahead and open up one amazing Smart House to show off their sleek design and uber cool Smart Car to even more people!


The Smart House is not only an amazing modern condo converted to showroom setting, but a hot spot in the already trendy Abbot Kinney. The smart team has the placed decorated amazingly... fitting the smart fortwo feeling and look in to more then just a car but also a lifestyle.

While you are there, be sure to take a test drive in the latest Smart Fortwo, sip on drink and snack from the smart team, and just soak in the amazing environment and amazing imagery!

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Kuni Automotive Group Spreads Smart Car Love

Kuni smart Dealership

Kuni Automotive Group sent out a press release dated September 15, 2007 claiming to be the only Smart Dealership in the entire state of Oregon. Also in the article, Kuni Automotive Group claims they will receive 650 of the allotted 16,000 Smart Fortwo's to be produced in 2008. I can't say enough how excited I am that Smart Dealerships are comgin out of the wood-work.

Visit Smart Enthusiast to get all the latest Smart Fortwo News.

Smart Build Smart House in Venice Beach

smart house

As part of the promotions leading up to the US sales launch of the Smart ForTwo next January, the US distributor has converted a Venice Beach CA building into a Smart House. The interior of the Smart house is designed to evoke the lifestyles of the the primary purchasers of the Smart: young urban hipsters, whatever the hell that means. The main goal of the house is of course to sell cars and so visitors will be able to check out four of them on the inside with more outside available for test drives.

The Smart Fortwo Micro Hybrid Drive

I can't wait till we can get the Smart Fortwo MHD, the micro hybrid drive.

Check it out in this great tutorial of the vehicle and how the technology works.

Smart USA Newsletter Vol. 10

It's finally here, Smart USA Newsletter vol. 10.
smart usa newsletter

smart newsletter

Can't Wait to make Smart Car Videos?

Well apparently you are not the only one. Check out this grat video put together by an amateur that seems to love the Smart Car.