Is the smart fortwo right for a minimalist?

A Smart Car of America recently wrote:

I just received my invitation to configure 3/06/08 (Res #1324) and I need some help from actual Pure owners (or first-hand experts) before I finalize my configuration.

I'm trying to stick with my minimalist inclinations, so the Pure appeals to me, however I haven't been able to actually see the trim level up close. My dealer is over an hour drive away and maybe someone can help me avoid a long drive just to answer a few simple questions.

1) In order to adjust the sideview mirrors, do you roll the window down and grab hold of the sideview mirror? Or is there a manual knob inside the door that manipulates the mirror (without electrics)?

2) Where is the window winder and how smoothly does it operate? How many rotations to completely raise (or lower) the window? Does the window go all the way down or is any glass remaining above the sill (can I rest my left elbow out the window)? Is it a real stretch across from the driver's seat to wind the passenger window?

3) Does the Grey interior have any print pattern on it (the Passion has some kind of a design). Other than the Grey color, is there any difference between the upholstery and interior trim on the Pure & the Passion?