Smart Micro Hybrid

Well, less of a hybrid and more of a fuel miser….

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Hot on the heals of the all electric Smart comes the Smart Micro Hybrid, but don't go thinking the diminutive 4Two is going all Prius on us by strapping on a load of batteries and an electric motor, oh no. The important gizmology is in a system that kills the engine when the car is stationary, and as the Smart is now a familiar sight in congested cities and crowded streets we imagine this will save a lot of otherwise wasted fuel. Simple huh?

Smart, being a German brand are a little more accurate claiming 13% better economy and a corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions from 112g/km to 103g/km.

The only noticeable change is the arrival of a ECO light on the dash, all else staying the same as a regular petrol or diesel 4Two's. Sales of the coupe and cabrio Micro Hybrid 4Twos begin at the end of the year.

Soon all cars will hopefully be made this way, but until then one of the worlds greenest cars just got greener.


crossomotive said...

Hmm.. I guess, the Smart Fortwo MHD has been available in Europe since October 2007.