The guys over at CarDomain have a good question at bat, is the Smart safe?

Mercedes-Benz is taking the two door coupe to a new dimension with the new 2008 Smart ForTwo, supposedly making its American Debut in early January 2008 for twelve thousand dollars. They boast that this Smart Car is as safe as a normal car two to three times it size. This little 1,700 pound, 71-hp three banger is able to fit two across on a normal highway lane (is Mercedes suggesting that Smart drivers drive that way?). Some have claimed that "there's no fear of being run over" because "the ForTwo's height and bright colors make it easy to see" and it is a "hard target to hit." Look, our highways aren't shooting ranges, and I don't see why going smaller will prevent accidents. Compared to the 18-wheeled monsters on the highway today, this little whip doesn't seem to have a chance. Take a look for yourself.

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